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"The Dying Time: Impact" is my debut eBook. What began as a short story I wrote several years ago, simply wouldn't let me go until I'd expanded it to a full length novel. I've always been fascinated with apocalyptic scenarios and how ordinary people would survive -- and I love fast-paced, action-filled books that contain interesting characters. That is the kind of books I try to write and that I want to share with you. In recent years I've become a prepper and I endeavor to share ideas and resources I've discovered with you, but without boring you with so many details the pace of the story lags. I've included an extensive appendix filled with informative books, magazines and websites I'm sure you'll find valuable. My fascination with Apocalyptic Fiction began when I read Andre Norton's "Star Man's Son" when I was ten years old. As a lifelong, voracious reader I learned that my favorite authors always delivered an entertaining and exciting story filled with characters who (while sometimes larger than life) seemed real. I try to do that while adding a touch of humor and some useful information about preparing for emergency situations. The Dying Time: Impact is currently available at Smashwords Amazon Barnes and Noble and iBooks. I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it, that you will leave me a starred review and that you will contact me about my work. -- Raymond Dean White  

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