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What I will send you will be news about my new book releases, as well as new book releases from other authors I enjoy reading, and information I hope will be useful to my readers—things like tips on gardening and solar power, Prepping, or even tasty recipes—links to good Prepper websites and author websites I’ve discovered. I may also include sample chapters of upcoming books for your review and comment and proposed cover art to see what you like.

Beginning with Volume 3 of my Dying Time Newsletter and continuing through Volume 18 the Prepper Information articles are basically the rough drafts of the chapters you will read in BUGGING IN: What To Do When TSHTF and You Live In Suburbia. Beginning with volume 20 you will find Prepper articles written my me and other well-known experts on Prepping and Survival. Dig in and feel free to share your new found knowledge with everyone.

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