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THE DYING TIME: IMPACT has been officially released for your reading pleasure.  Available at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and most anywhere else you can order an eBook. And for a limited time it's only $1.99.

I'm still working on a CreateSpace version for those fans of apocalyptic fiction who prefer to hold a real book in their hands instead of an eReader but as one reader pointed out I have a four or five errors in the ebook version that need to be corrected. Once I've corrected those errors I'll get it off to CreateSpace and get a print version out.

If you are a Prepper or simply someone who enjoys apocalyptic novels I've put together a suggested reading list that you can get in Volume 1 of this newsletter--email me for a copy. I have two books to add to my recommendations. 

Moonfall by Jack McDevitt is terrific and I'm looking forward to reading more by this author.

Doomsday Marauders by Kilkenny which is written with wit and a sense of humor, but which should be a wake up call for Preppers--because this guy's survival strategy is to prey on Preppers and he has the skills to do so.

Update on AFTER THE DYING TIME (Book 2 in The Dying Time Series)
I've almost completed the re-write and within two weeks it will be off to my editor and my fact checkers--one of whom is a pilot checking out my aerial combat scenes for realism. I'm hoping that means the ebook version will be available for pre-order by the end of January, 2015.

A special thanks to those of you who left starred reviews on Amazon. If any of you would also do so on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and iBooks it would be a great favor. 

As always, you can reach me via the Contact page on my and I encourage you to do so. Point out any errors I have in my books. Tell me if my newsletter doesn't look right in your browser. Or just say hi.

And finally, yes, yes, this newsletter does come to an end, I'm in the process of getting permission to print, or at least post links to, some very useful Prepper information for next month's newsletter, so stick with me and tell your friends.
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