The Dying Time Volume 22

That's right. I finally got my FREE eBOOK feature up and working. I'm including a link for those of you who have already signed up for my newsletter to be able to download your free copy of Bugging In: What To Do When TSHTF and You Live In Suburbia. While many of you  have read sample chapters of this book in my Dying Time Newsletter the entire book has been edited, revised and updated to reflect my current research into new and better products as well as my own experiences using them. It comes complete with active links to products, books and articles as well as practical, common sense, specific advise on how to be prepared for emergency situations. Whether you are a full-fledged Prepper living in the suburbs or someone who wants to be ready for the next hurricane, ice storm, tornado or other localized disaster, this book tells you how to provide for and protect your family. 

Anyhow, get your FREE eBOOK by clicking the link below. (I hope).

If you're one those Preppers whose family thinks you're a tad "off" because you believe in being prepared this is the book for you. More specifically, it's a great book to give them since it's full of down to Earth information they could use to keep themselves relatively secure in an emergency. 

While this ebook is free to you, since you are a subscriber, it only costs anyone else you recommend it to 0.99 on Amazon, Smashwords and elsewhere. Or you could just direct them to my website where they can sign up for my newsletter and get it for free.


Once again, my wife is in the hospital for fighting for her life. I'm spending virtually all of my time with her and writing has come to a halt. Because of that I regret to inform you that Book 3 of The Dying Time Trilogy will not be out this year as I'd hoped as I haven't been able to write one word in it for more than a month now. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for her full recovery.

In the meantime I hope you'll give my latest books a try. And if you do, don't be shy. Tell me what you think about them and post reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, okay? The reason these books are being released is because I'd already written them years ago so all I had to do was a bit of updating and formatting to get them on Amazon.

The first book in The War Corps series, a terrorist thriller titled Tap Doubt: Your Next Drink of Water Could Kill you is available on Amazon now. The second book in that series, American Jihad, will be released soon.

Here's a link to Tap Doubt 

I hope you enjoy it.

One Prepper info update: I just read an article on Testing Faraday Bags. I'm pasting the link to it here now.

The testing done there revealed that they basically don't work. Read the article and watch the video to see for yourself. What did work to block electromagnetic radiation was to either wrap the items you want to protect in two layers of tin foil or a combination of tin foil and a Faraday Bag. Very interesting.

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