The Dying Time Volume 28

When the Towers fell on 9/11/2001 Arab American Aden Saud lost his parents and ended up with a piece of shrapnel in his head, making him unfit for military duty and leaving him with a burning desire to take the war to the terrorists--one bullet at a time.

"AMERICAN JIHAD" the second book in the War Corps series (following TAP DOUBT) is in final edit and WILL be released in July--that's right, I'm talking next month.

Here's wishing you and yours a fantastic Independence Day holiday! May we all take a moment to truly appreciate the significance of this day and give thanks to all those in the military who serve to keep us free.



Once again my wife and I have to face a setback in her journey to recover her health and in her ability to live a life with some decent quality. Giving her the care she needs has pulled me away from serious writing for almost a year now. I thought last month that I'd be able to get back to it full time--silly me. We have to make two trips to California this month so she can see her doctors there.

I want to thank you all sincerely for your prayers on her behalf. 

Anyone who doesn't think prayer matters has never seen it work the way I have. My wife's diagnosis, her acceptance for treatment by Keck and her road to feeling better and having the best quality of life she's enjoyed in almost a year all began after folks began praying for her.

On the positive side I'm now an official Amazon Bestseller. The Dying Time: Impact recently hit #2 in Dystopian Fiction and #2 in War and Military. 


Meanwhile, I'd like to suggest you give my friend and occasional co-author Duane Lindsay's book a try. His "Missing Amanda" is available for FREE on his website. It's a 1950's era private eye tale with a surprise twist at the end and a lot of humor and unconventional action throughout. When I was editing it for him I found myself chuckling--a lot. Here's a link to his website:

Author Duane Lindsay


Prepping is Convenient

Be prepared, isn’t just a Boy Scout motto anymore.
People who think Preppers are a bit “off” also think we are paranoid and live in fear. You and I know nothing could be farther from the truth. Being prepared brings calm and the sense that, come what may, you have done your best to safeguard your family. In short, Prepping instills confidence and peace of mind.

When I walk into my pantry and see shelves of food that I put up myself it gives me peace of mind. I know all the ingredients that went into each jar. I know they don’t contain GMO’s, artificial coloring or pesticides. Whether canned or dehydrated I followed safe practices and placed the food in sterilized canning jars. That way PCB’s, or other toxins, won’t leach into the food from plastic and no bug or mouse is going to get in.

I put up whole meals in jars. My food won’t spoil if the power goes out or if my refrigerator or freezer expires. In fact, the only way to spoil any of it is if I accidentally drop a jar onto our tile floor, but then nothing is klutz proof.

So you can see how having a supply of such food can make you feel ready to handle most emergencies. But it does more than instill confidence. Prepping is also convenient, yeah, I said convenient, because your supplies will be useful even in non-emergency situations.
You just got home from work and realize you didn’t take anything out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. You are saving money for a variety of good reasons and refuse to splurge by going out. You aren’t feeling well or maybe, just maybe, you don’t feel like cooking tonight.
Some folks might open their pantry and grab a box of breakfast cereal, or open their freezer and snag a TV dinner, but not you. You take out a dehydrated meal in a jar, chicken broccoli stir fry or baked ziti with sausage and mushrooms, boil water and in just a few minutes you have a delicious, satisfying dinner. It’s like having your favorite restaurant in your pantry.

And if you do lose your job or get hit by an ice storm that knocks out your power for several days or weeks you still aren’t living in fear, wondering where your next meal is coming from, because you’re prepared.

One of my Prepper friends suffered a business failure last year. She and her husband lived off of their preps for eight solid months before they got a new business established. That certainly wasn’t a nationwide disaster but it sure was a personal disaster for them. Things would have been a lot harder for them if they didn’t have those emergency supplies to fall back on.
Peace of mind, confidence and convenience are three pretty powerful arguments for Prepping but here’s another one. Prepping is good—good for you, good for your community, good for the planet and good for the economy.

A Preppers ultimate goal is to live a sustainable lifestyle, growing our own food, composting or recycling our waste and buying local (whenever possible) whatever we can’t produce ourselves. We believe we should rely on ourselves to provide for our families rather than depending and becoming dependent upon, our government. While many Preppers wouldn’t trust the government to find a flashlight in a warehouse full of them others among us aren’t so cynical. We simply believe being as self-reliant as possible is the best way to live. But being self-reliant in no way means isolating yourself from your community. In fact, the best way to insure you can live a sustainable lifestyle is to be involved with your neighbors and your community. That effort is what is opening many urban neighborhoods, towns and cities to allowing people to keep chickens or goats for example. And it’s always a good idea to know if any of your neighbors is a doctor, a dentist, a nurse, a plumber, an electrician or a policeman.

In many ways the Prepper lifestyle is what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he envisioned a nation of gentleman farmers.

I hope this has given you food for thought and a few ideas you can use to get your family, friends and neighbors to start Prepping.

Thanks for reading and I hope you live well and prosper until we meet again next month.


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