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First order of business is to wish you a



May you enjoy good health, joy and prosperity in the coming year. 

Now we move on to the blurb for the book pictured above and then we'll get to the Prepper Info.




Twelve years ago Fire rained from the sky, Megaquakes, Tsunamis, and Hypercanes destroyed civilized infrastructure and re-sculpted the globe. In the ensuing years Plague, Impact Winter, Starvation and Despair almost completed the extinction of humanity. Now the survivors in the Freeholds, the Tribes and the Mormons in Deseret—those hardy few who endured the unimaginable horrors of The Dying Time—have begun to rebuild.
But in California a King has risen—and he wants what they have.
In a post-Impact world there are Kings, subjects, slaves and those desperately fighting to remain free. Twelve years after The Dying Time Impact, Joseph Scarlatti reigns as King of California, but his empire covers the remains of the entire West Coast. Now he’s set his sights on the Colorado Freeholds and the Nation of Deseret (formerly Utah) and he hasn’t forgotten about gaining control of the top secret weapon that can assure him of world domination.
Here's what my readers are saying:
Reichen10 said,
"I have several hundred books on my Kindle, and this is the first one that I felt I wanted to review. Excellent! In every way this is a great read - thrilling, interesting, logical twists, and a plot that keeps surprising at every turn. And very well written. I loved Book One, and Book Two is even better. I keep checking to see how much more I have to read because I don't want it to end. Please get Book Three out there soon!"
JRTLVR on March 21, 2017 said,
"Loved the first book and ordered this one as soon as I finished it. The plot is complex and yet it's never confusing. Both male and female characters are written with strength and believability that is rare nowadays. The action NEVER stops! I will definitely be on the waiting list for the final book and I hope it won't be too long a wait! Fascinating, action-packed tale that never resorts to tired plot strategies!"
Cynthia Terrones SSGT/USMC said,
"I was waiting for this book tp come out after reading book 1 and I want to say it was worth the wait. So now just I'm waiting for the next in the "trilogy" and hoping for the possibility of there might be a book 4. With all the characters in this book, to me it seems that a book 4 could be a possibility. A super book, with all the things that could happen to us here on earth, this really makes you think, and want to prepare."
Donald Curtis said on April 2, 2016
"I rarely post reviews but, being a huge fan of this genre, I read so many very average stories that this author deserves credit for a great tale, well written. Even after the third read!"
And finally (Hey, I could go on and on with these great reviews) Elaine H. said on May 23, 2016
"The second installment of The Dying Time series was a great read. The continued story of the Whitebears and their allies kept me up late at night. I just couldn't wait for the Scarlatti's to be defeated! And I'm intrigued by what is going on in the space station and on the moon. I hope the earth can be saved again. I can't wait to find out in the next book! I highly recommend Raymond Dean White's books."

You can find it on Amazon, as well as on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other fine retailers on the following links



Our Whole Home Solar System

Our whole home solar system is finally installed and working like a dream. It is a ground-mounted, grid-tied, leased system from Streamline Solar.


The orientation of our house didn’t favor a roof mounted system and I’m thankful for that as maintaining a ground mounted system is much easier—to say nothing of being less costly if you ever have to re-roof your house. And since we’re on a two acre lot, we had plenty of room for the array.
While I didn’t like going with a grid-tied system, the benefits won me over.
First, and foremost, this 8.2 kW system cost me nothing out of pocket. Not one thin dime. Zero. Nada.

Second, my electrical rate is basically fixed for the next 20 years, instead of going up every year like it does now. While it can, and certainly will go up, my rate is fixed for the first five years and thereafter can’t rise by more than 1% every few years—much less than the the utility company will be doing. The savings from energy company rate increases alone would pay for the system within ten years. (In the past ten years our electric rates have increased by almost 30%).

Third, I’ll be getting a check from the utility company instead of a bill. On December 21st, that’s right, the shortest day of the year, our system produced 234% of our power usage. I can’t wait to see what it produces on the longest day of the year. Our monthly electric bill now runs less than $20 per month—and that’s for taxes and what the utility charges for the privilege of being hooked up to them.

Fourth, Streamline Solar is in the process of developing a battery backup system that they will add on to our home when it becomes available sometime this year. Then the system will be set up so that we will have power whenever the grid goes down (unless we’re hit with an EMP). Currently, since it’s grid tied, if the power goes out we lose power along with everyone else. So, if the power goes out we fall back on our homemade solar backup generator. (For details see the chapter on Power in my book BUGGING IN: WHAT TO DO WHEN TSHTF and YOU LIVE IN SUBURBIA). While it won’t run our whole home it does keep food from spoiling in our fridge and freezer and allows me to use my CPAP so I can sleep at night. Plus, it’s quiet—so it doesn’t announce to the world that I’m running a generator.

Oh, and if we get socked in by heavy cloud cover for several consecutive days—which NEVER happens here—so that my solar backup generator fails, we can fall back on our Honda Eu2000i, which can also be easily tied to the batteries the solar generator uses.

Here’s a link to a PIN that demonstrates how to build your own solar/battery backup generator. There’s some religiosity in the PIN but the step by step details of how to do it are excellent and they provide a detailed components list.

So that’s it. We now have a whole home solar system and I’m a happy camper.

May your New Year be filled with joy, good health and prosperity.


Please give my friend and occasional co-author Duane Lindsay's book a try. His "Missing Amanda" is available for FREE on his website. It's a 1950's era private eye tale with a surprise twist at the end and a lot of humor and unconventional action throughout. When I was editing it for him I found myself chuckling--a lot. Here's a link to his website:

Author Duane Lindsay

That's all for this month. I'll see you next month--that's a promise, not a threat. :) 

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